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If you’re new to Nottingham, navigating your way around the city and its one-way systems might seem like a bit of a challenge. Our public transport services make it a whole lot easier though. Here are your options.


Nottingham’s Tram Network is one of the best in the country and it’s ideal for finding your way around the city centre. You can find timetables and tram stops near you here.


If you’re looking to explore the rest of the country, we recommend getting the train. There are direct links to major cities like London and Manchester as well as a few more local destinations. You can also go on one of our day trips to cities and attractions around the city if you’re looking to sight see. Visit for more information.


NTSU has a partnership with local taxi firm Nottingham Cars that allows you to travel between campuses for a fixed fee. Nottingham Cars drivers will also take you home and let you pay the next day if you don’t have cash on hand after a night out as part of our commitment to student safety.

Click here for more information. 


You can hire a bike and cycle your way around from just £1 a day as part of the Citycard Cycles scheme. There are pick up/ drop off stations around the city and making use of them means you’ll be reducing your carbon footprint and getting in some extra exercise.


The buses in Nottingham are another great way to get around. The number 4 takes you from City to Clifton Campus and the 100 to Brack and back but you can use them to travel pretty much anywhere in Nottingham.

This website has more information.

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