Re-live your freshers experience



Friday 15th - Sunday 24th September 2023


Returning NTU students going into their second, third or any subsequent year


Venues throughout Nottingham including Trent favourites


A Refreshers Pass gives you access to your choice of Refreshers events. After purchasing a pass, you can choose from a list of 14+ Refreshers events and decide which ones you’d like to attend. You’re pass allows you to pick up to 7 events. You won’t need to pay again for those events as the pass acts as your ticket.

A Refreshers Pass can save you money because the pass offers a discounted price which is less than the value of 7 individual tickets.

You’ll also get more choice of entry times to the most popular events so you’ll have more flexibility to arrive when you choose giving you a better Refreshers experience.

Great, if you have a pass you can book events now. Click the events page here to start the process.

Head to this page to start. If you get stuck, here are full instructions:

1) Look through the events and pick the ones you’d most like to attend.
Check the dates and times because some events take place at the same time as each other so you’ll need to pick a preference.

2) Use the Book with Pass button under the event.
A pop-up will appear with a red button that says “Use Your Event Pass”

3) Click or tap the “Use Your Event Pass” button.
If you’re not already signed in, you’ll be prompted to enter your FIXR login details that you used to purchase the pass, then once signed in click the red “Use Your Event Pass” button again.

4) Click the “Freshers Pass Holders” drop-down button and follow the instructions.
Press the + button to add a ticket to your basket. Go to “View basket” then “Reserve”. 

Repeat the process for each event that you’d like to attend.

Refreshers passes are only for current NTU students, however if there are individual tickets remaining once passes have sold out, you may purchase additional event tickets for non-student friends (up to 2 per NTU student). 

Students from other universities can also purchase individual event tickets but are not permitted to buy a Refreshers pass. 

If you haven’t found the information you’re looking for, we’re here for you. Drop us a message at: and we’ll get right back to you.