Student story: Chelsea 

If you’re curious about the kind of opportunities you can get involved in alongside your studies, read Chelsea’s experience as a volunteer at the Students’ Union.  

When did you get involved in NTSU? 

In my first year at Nottingham Trent, 2017-18.I regularly take part in volunteering opportunities, including working with Nottingham Marrow, writing letters to children with serious illnesses and volunteering with NTSU at Nottinghamshire Pride. I’m also the current Equality and Diversity Officer for Accessibility and Disability and have been elected as the Equality and Diversity Officer for Gender next year.  

What impact has your involvement in NTSU had on your time at university? 

My involvement in NTSU has been the defining part of my time at university, and my favourite. I’m a first-generation scholar from a widening participation background and never expected that getting involved with NTSU would help me achieve in so many ways. 

Do you feel it has helped with your personal development? 

I’ve gained confidence in myself and my abilities, and it’s given me so many opportunities to meet new people, learn new skills and do things that I never thought I would be doing at 21. 

What is the best thing you have got out of it? 

The most valuable thing I’ve got out of it is the relationships that I’ve developed. I’ve made some amazing friends through NTSU and I feel like I have my own second family here. I wouldn’t trade that for the world. 

What has been your favourite memory of being involved in NTSU? 

My favourite memory of being involved in NTSU is the Students’ Union Awards where I received both the Outstanding Volunteering Contribution and Ian King awards this year. Being recognised for my efforts while surrounded by some of the most supportive and encouraging people I’ve ever met is something that I’ll never forget. 

Would you recommend that other students get involved in what NTSU has to offer? 

I recommend that all students get involved with NTSU. They have so much to offer and you can get involved as much or as little as you like. There’s everything to gain and nothing to lose.  


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