The Official Trent Freshers at NTU: Friday 15th - Sunday 24th September 2023

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Starting at NTU this September? You’re in for a treat — NTSU’s Freshers Week is the biggest in the UK. No cap


NTSU, in partnership with NTU, is the exclusive provider of official Freshers Week events for new NTU students. The events you find here are the only official Nottingham Trent events. Events and wristbands advertised elsewhere are all unofficial.

We give you exclusive access to the biggest and best venues across Nottingham City so you can meet thousands of new students as you start your NTU journey. 

Our official Freshers Week events guarantee something for everyone, including epic club nights, live music, quizzes, bingo, outdoor cinemas, and much more.

You can only experience the magic of Freshers once. Join our mailing list to be first in the queue when we release our event info.

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