The Official Trent Freshers at NTU: Friday 15th - Sunday 24th September 2023

The answers to all of your event and pass questions


Freshers Week is the first week of university. There are no classes. Instead, the focus is on settling in, having fun, and meeting people. You will have a couple of timetabled welcome talks and registrations to attend, but apart from that, it’s fun all the way. NTSU and NTU organise lots of activities during the week, making it easy for you to make friends, get to know your new surroundings, and have a good time. 


There is lots to get involved in during your Freshers week, and NTSU is there every step of the way to help you make new friends and have an unforgettable experience. You can attend NTSU’s Freshers fairs, join sports clubs and societies, and experience the official events that take place in venues all over Nottingham.  

NTSU have a Freshers Team of over 300 current student volunteers who will help answer any questions once you arrive (they’ll be wearing bright coloured t-shirts so you can’t miss them).  

The Freshers Events programme has something for everyone including big themed club nights, chilled outdoor cinemas, comedy, and even Trent’s very own festival and are held at Nottingham’s most iconic venues including Rock City, Pryzm, The Level, Unit 13, Ocean, Stealth and some of Nottingham’s hidden gems. You can see this year’s events listed here

There’s also a diverse program of smaller daytime events and free meetups you can enjoy as part of NTU’s Welcome programme. The details of these will be released over the summer months and can be found at  

The official programme of events is organised by Nottingham Trent Students UnionYou can check it’s official by following the links directly from the NTSU website and the NTU website. 

Our events team are dedicated to running events during Freshers and throughout the year. We also have over 300 student volunteers that make up the Freshers Team, helping to make your Freshers experience the best it can be. See this year’s Freshers events here. To see the types of events we run throughout the year, visit our Instagram. 

The official Freshers events take place in venues throughout Nottingham, including some of the biggest and most iconic nightclubs such as Rock City, Pryzm, Ocean, The Level, Stealth and Unit 13, plus the Students Unions own venues on campus, and in bars and hideaways throughout Nottingham. If you are living in Clifton, Brackenhurst or any of the halls out of the city centre, we will provide buses to take you to the official events to make navigating the city easy for you

Any events that you’ve seen that are not on this website, or on the NTU website, are not official Freshers events. We would advise that you remain cautious of other events and research the venue and organiser before spending money.

Also be cautious on social channels of any individuals trying to push you into purchasing tickets, they are often earning commission from selling you a ticket and sometimes mislead people into thinking they are new first year students when they are not. This is why we verify new students before allowing them to join the official group chats.

A Freshers Pass gives you access to your choice of official Freshers events. Once you have a pass you can choose from a list of official events and decide which ones you’d like to attend. Click here to choose your events now. You’ll be able to access the pass on your phone and use it as your ticket to the events you select. You won’t need to pay again for those events as the pass acts as your ticket. If you don’t already have a Freshers Pass you can get one here.

A Freshers Pass gives you priority access to events, saves you money and takes the hassle out of attending Freshers events.

Once you have a pass, you can relax, knowing you have priority to attend the events you want to without worrying about whether you’ll get in. If you are living in halls that aren’t within walking distance of the Nottingham venues, we’ll provide free transport for Freshers pass holders. 

Passes are selling quickly and numbers are limited, so we’d recommend you buy a pass as soon as possible to avoid missing out.
– The pass gives you guaranteed entry to the events of your choice
– You’ll have priority in choosing the events that you most want to go to
– Some events will sell out with only pass holders able to attend
– You will save money as any remaining individual tickets will be priced higher than they are as part of the pass.

Get yours whilst you can and don’t worry, if your circumstances change and you are no longer attending NTU we’ll refund your pass in full.

Great, if you have a pass you can start booking your events now. Follow the instuctions on screen. There are more detailed instructions in the question below if needed. 

If you bought the pass plus or ultimate pass you will receive your Freshers Ball ticket no later than 24th September 2023. If you bought the ultimate pass you can collect your NTU hoodie when you arrive on campus in September, you’ll receive further details by email.

Head to this page to start. If you get stuck, here are full instructions:

1) Choose your campus from the list.
This is the campus you’ll be living on or closest to because the events are slightly different for each campus. For example, there’s an Opening Night event at all 3 campuses so it’s important you pick the right one.

2) Look through the events and pick the ones you’d most like to attend.
Check the dates and times because some events take place at the same time as each other so you’ll need to pick a preference.

3) Use the Book with Pass button under the event.
A pop-up will appear with a red button that says “Use Your Event Pass”

4) Click or tap the “Use Your Event Pass” button.
If you’re not already signed in, you’ll be prompted to enter your FIXR login details that you used to purchase the pass, then once signed in click the red “Use Your Event Pass” button again.

5) Click the “Freshers Pass Holders” drop-down button and follow the instructions.
Press the + button to add a ticket to your basket. Go to “View basket” then “Reserve”. You’ll see some T&C’s then will be asked to pick you hall.

6) Pick your halls from the list.
Don’t worry if your hall doesn’t appear. Only the biggest halls are listed. If you don’t see yours, or if you haven’t picked your hall yet, then click “Other”. If you’re not going to be living in halls, there is an option for “Private accommodation”, or “Living at home”.

7) Choose your communication preference, then click confirm.
That’s it, you’ll now have a ticket for your selected event. You’ll be sent a QR code by email and you’ll also be able to find all your event bookings and QR codes in your FIXR account.

Repeat the process for each event that you’d like to attend.

Just email us if you have any problems: 

The official events range from big club nights with thousands of Freshers to intimate events like quizzes, comedy, cocktail nights and outdoor cinemas. You can get an idea of events by looking at the events page and clicking each event to see some images taken from our similar events last year. We sent a survey asking last years NTU Freshers whether they would recommend the official events to new incoming first years and we’re proud to report an overwhelming majority of 94% said “yes”. 

NTSU receives messages every year from NTU Freshers who are upset because they bought unofficial tickets before realising most students attend the official events organised by NTSU. Many students have told us unofficial event tickets are a waste of money, and they never use them once they find out their flatmates are going to the official events. 

 Unofficial events are often presented in misleading ways, with lots of hype that makes them appear to be something they’re not. The sellers often use tactics like creating fake profiles to post in group chats to increase hype, and using tiered pricing levels with low quantities to make it look like events are selling out quicker than they really are. Don’t be fooled.  

If in doubt, visit NTU’s official welcome page that links to the Students’ Union website and this Freshers site. You can see our previous events on  Trent Events Instagram to see why the official events are worth the wait.  

Student safety is a priority of NTSU and to deliver the biggest programme of events in the city, we provide and train over 300 volunteers (made up of current NTU students) to help make sure you have a positive introduction to life at NTU. We have partnerships with venues that are accedited in their safety and provision of specialist staff, we offer transport options to those that do not live within easy walking distance of events and we work closely with police and local authorities. You can read more about student safety here

If you haven’t found the information you’re looking for, we’re here for you. Drop us a message at: and we’ll get right back to you.