The Official Trent Freshers at NTU: Friday 16th - Sunday 25th September 2022

The answers to all of your event and pass questions

Every year we host the Official Nottingham Trent Freshers, a programme of diverse events spanning 10 days at the best venues in Nottingham. The Freshers Priority Pass allows you to customise your selection of events that you attend this September.  If you buy a pass, you will be able to use it to choose which 7 events you would like to attend once the events are live in August. This will enable you to book your place at the events before anyone without a pass. Events have a limited capacity and will sell out in advance so buying a pass will make sure you are able to attend the events that you want to.

You can buy your priority pass here.

The Freshers Priority Pass is strictly for confirmed NTU Freshers. 

You are a confirmed NTU Fresher if: 

  • You are beginning the first year of your full-time or part-time course at NTU* in September 2022
  • You have deferred your start date at NTUto September 2022
  • You have relocated from another university and are enrolling at NTU for the first time and will start in September 2022
  • You are resitting part or all your first year at NTU* starting in September 2022
  • You are starting a Masters/PhD at NTU in September 2022

If you are not a 2022 NTU* Fresher you will not be permitted to use a Freshers Priority Pass to attend Nottingham Trent Freshers events and no refunds will be given to those trying to do so. 

*Nottingham Trent University, Confetti, Nottingham College, Nottingham Trent International College or NTU in Mansfield. 

You can buy your priority pass here.

There is a huge variety of events across 10 days at the best venues in Nottingham.  Events include everything from club nights, live music and comedy to bingo, quizzes and even outdoor cinemas You can use your Priority Pass to book your choice of events when they are released in August.    

Click here to be notified once the full list of events is announced

Once the Official freshers’ events are live, you will be informed by email and given instructions on how to book onto your choice of  events.

Click here to secure your place now.

No problem. Just select “Other for the time being.  You will be given the opportunity to give your accommodation details when you book onto specific events. 

Whilst most Fresher’s events will be 18+ there are plenty of other events and activities for you to get involved in. Please email for more info. 

Passes and wristbands on sale elsewhere are not for official Trent Freshers events, even if they claim to be official. They are from independent event promoters holding events off-campus, not NTU or NTSU.  The events found here are the only official Trent events which take place both on campus and in various venues in Nottingham.

This website is the only place to buy official Trent Freshers priority passes.

You can buy your pass here.